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Photo   Northcoast Accoyo Centennial

This male has been evaluated by one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and got rave reviews, we will not be name dropping. Enchanted Criations Alpacas and Out of Sight Alpacas are proud to present North Coast Centennial, that's right he is here in NJ folks! This male has great density, as he is maturing he is retaining his fineness and uniformity through out. Centennial has such a beautiful bright fleece. A perfect bite, exceptional confirmation, this male exudes confidence in every step he takes. Personality is an A+ ! Looking for new bloodlines? Looking for full Accoyo? Looking for COLOR??!! Here is the herdsire for you. Centennial is a full Accoyo MEDIUM FAWN macho with El Nino's Accoyo Michelangelo, PCA Accoyo El Nino, PPeruvian Caligula, and 6Peruvian Accoyo Brutus in his pedigree. Centennial's sire Michelangelo just sold for a whopping $125K at the AOBA Auction this year. Centennial is an exquisite full Accoyo male whose fleece has well-defined architecture, beautiful crimp that is very fine, creating tremendous density throughout his blanket. Centennial has everything from his sire's beautiful Accoyo/Caligula lineage and presence. His grandfather, El Nino (now deceased), and his father, Accoyo Michelangelo, have proven to pass on their true propensity for one of the most desirable phenotype and genotypes in the alpaca industry. Also in Centennial's family tree is 6Peruvian Accoyo Brutus who has several first place and color champion ribbons accredited to his magnificent fleece and excellent conformation.??Centennial's dam, Northcoast Accoyo Arabica Gold is a Medium Fawn Full Accoyo. His Light Fawn sire is well known for producing high end show quality of all colors, even gray. Centennial Centennial is carrying on that same tradition.

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ari#: 30848238  birth date: 7/17/2007  proven: Yes 
type: Huacaya  dam: Northcoast Accoyo Arabica Gold  stud fee: 1500.00 
color: Medium Fawn  sire: El Nino's Accoyo Michelangelo      
price: heritage:      

Photo   Reiling's Standing Novation (SNOWMASS)

This gorgeous male has a truly delightful to own, his jet black fleece has superior shine. If your looking to add density to your ladies...he is the man! His fleece is simply incredible to touch with a luxurious handle. As he has matured, he hasn't lost that wonderful fineness and shows no primary extension in his blanket (guard hair). Novation has tremendous coverage from head to toe. We can not wait to see what this boy puts on the ground this spring! We are confident he can really impact your program if you are a breeder of lustrous black alpacas. This boy has a huge genetic advantage. Novation's former owners purchased both his sire and dam from the world renowned Snowmass Alpacas. He holds the powerful, multi Get of Sire, genetics of herdsire Snowmass Nova's Gold. With that, he gets Nova, Casanova, Bueno, Drambuie, and 6Peruian Silent Night. Add to that his award winning dam, who is a daughter of the great grey Ring Ridge Smokey and Granddaughter of Accoyo Pluro. Everything lined up properly with this boy and he has density, coverage, supreme shine, expressive and consistent crimp, great bone, and more. His fleece is very organized with a higher amplitude crimp style and wonderful bundling. Novation has been delight in the ring always getting great comments from the judges and winning lots of ribbons. Awards 1st Place 2011 TXOLAN 1st Place in a very competitive True Black Class. 2010 Hi-Plains Alpaca Show. Judge Timmerman complimented his extraordinary handle, fleece architecture, density, and overall good looks and solid bone. 1st Place large combined True & Bay Black Halter class 2009 LA Deep South, highly considered for Champ, but it went to the older boys. 2nd Place in his first show. He was a True Black Halter in a combined class and 1st went to the Bay. 2009 Mid-America Alpaca show. He also helped his sire win 4th out of 13 Get of sire entries at Mid-America! (right behind Posiedon and Barnabus)

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ari#: 30698833   birth date: 11/17/2008  proven: Yes 
type: Huacaya  dam: Cienega Creek Christy  stud fee: 1500.00 
color: True Black  sire: Snowmass Nova's Gold     
price: $15000.00 heritage: Full Peruvian     

Photo   Camelot's Xavier

Xavier is a striking male with some excellent curb appeal. Watch out for this gem! Here are all the wonderful attributes of a potential grey herdsire wrapped up in one dense grey package. Fineness, density, crimp and luster make up his yummy fleece, and his strong bone and presence accentuate his correct conformation. Xavier has fleece that is extremely crimpy, bright with a fine handle and dense throughout his blanket. Xavier is power packed with Grey and Black genetics. Xavier has begun settling females and we are really looking forward to seeing his offspring next Spring. Price is for for 1/2 Interest

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ari#: 31194358  birth date: 5/30/2009  proven: No 
type: Huacaya  dam: RRA Irma Love  stud fee: 1500.00 
color: Medium Silver Grey  sire: Prince Valiant I     
price: 6000.00 heritage:      

Photo   Mr Shimmers

This amazing maroon Suri has amazingly tight, twisted lock structure and high luster. His neck just shimmers when he walks. He has a perfect head and excellent conformation with dense coverage, a quality that all breeders are striving for in their suri breeding program. We would like to retain 5 breedings from this exceptional male or possibly co-own.

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ari#: 841601  birth date: 5/12/2002  proven: Yes 
type: Suri  dam: AYSEN'S KARMA  stud fee: 1500.00 
color: Dark Brown  sire: AYSEN'S BAQUEDANO IMPQ98     
price: 10,000.00 heritage: Other/Unknown     

Photo   MVF Julio

This gorgeous junior herdsire is saying he is ready to start breeding. He is a beautiful medium fawn destined for great offspring. His fleece is exquisitly fine handle with a tight narrow crimp and a super staple length that is uniform throughout with dense coverage from head to his fetlocks. Julio just has an overall bold, solid appearance that I'm sure he will passing along to his offspring.

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ari#: 849570  birth date: 7/1/2003  proven: Yes 
type: Huacaya  dam: MVF Chantilly Lace   stud fee: 1500.00 
color: Light Fawn  sire: CPeruvian Bobcat 0240      
price: 12000.00 heritage:      

Photo   MVF X-L

X-L is a farm favorite with tremendous presence. He is a large, strong-boned, magnificently conformed, confident macho who turns heads whenever he is seen. His fiber has a particularly fine hand and unbelievable denseness with thick coverage right down to his toes. He has a great bite and perfect confirmation. If you need some full coverage and denseness for your girls, X-L is the one for you.

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ari#: 817284  birth date: 7/10/1999  proven: Yes 
type: Huacaya  dam: BD Millicent W972   stud fee: 1500.00 
color: Pattern (White, Dark Brown)  sire: Ppperuvian Tardis 6001      
price: 8000.00 heritage:      

Photo   My Accoyo Warren Earp

Warren is a real eye-catcher as is his well known herdsire Accoyo's Goldsmith. There is no missing this handsome male who catches your eye when you look out in the pasture. His fiber is dense, super soft, and wonderfully crimpy with amazing luster. He has a gorgeous typey head that is full of fleece and incredible leg coverage that extends all the way down his legs. And he has a wonderful, sweet-natured personality to match. If you are looking for a full accoyo male to add to your breeding program at a reasonable price, Warren may be your man. Warren is related to my full accoyo females and this is the reason I can part with this wonderful male.

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ari#: 1392531  birth date: 8/7/2006  proven: Yes 
type: Huacaya  dam: Senorita Accoyo Sophia   stud fee: 1500.00 
color: Light Fawn   sire: NWA, Ltd Accoyo's Goldsmith     
price: 4500.00 heritage:      

Photo   R'Alpacaland's Accoyo Versache's

Accoyo Versache's has some powerhouse genetics. His Grandsires were the famous Accoyo Victor and Accoyo Yupanqui. Versache's Full Accoyo dam at 8 years old had a micron of 22.2 and a comfort factor of 91.9! His sire, Accoyo Kilyo of Star Hill also maintains an incredibly fine, very dense fleece. Versache's fleece has excellent density,a very consistent high frequency crimp that begins at his lower thighs and travels all the way around his lower belly, blanket and up to the base of his head. His fleece has an exceptionally fine handle. Compliment that with his wonderful presence and pleasant temperament and you have yourself a very desirable herdsire. Begin reserving your breedings now for Accoyo Versache's and you can lock in his introductory price. Confirmed BVDV FREE. We are not a farm that hits the show ring I believe if I did put Versache's in the right hands or if I did show he would be one of the Famous ones you here about all the time but he does have the quality to compete with the big boys!! In the handful of shows that we have placed him in he has always walked away with a blue ribbon! Stud Fee Special For Spring 2013 $ 500.00

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ari#: 1381696  birth date: 9/27/2005  proven: Yes 
type: Huacaya  dam: Victor's Valerie   stud fee: 1500.00 
color: White  sire: Kilyo of Star Hill      
price: 55,000.00 heritage:      

Photo   Sir Galahad I

Sir Galahad is very rare in that he is a dark rose grey with gold tipping and appaloosa spots dramatically placed all over his face, neck, and legs. When he was born there was not a visitor that came by that did not want to buy him. At this time he may be the only dark rose grey appaloosa. Sir Galahad is already exhibiting outstanding qualities of a junior herdsire with a gorgeous typey head with a teddy bear face and excellent conformation. His young fleece is already showing excellent phenotype, great density and outstanding character. You won't be able to resist sinking your hands into his buttery fleece. So, if you are looking for something unique to spice up your herd, Sir Galahad may be the man. Co-ownership is available. Price is for half interest.

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ari#: 1392555  birth date: 9/29/2006  proven: No 
type: Huacaya  dam: RRA Gadzook's LuLu  stud fee: 1500.00 
color: Dark Rose Grey  sire: HDF Alfie      
price: 3500.00 heritage:      



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